It’s non-invasive, and provides unrivalled skin rejuvenation results for firm, toned, smooth and tightened skin thanks to low frequency electromagnetic waves that warm the dermis and stimulate the speed of collagen, elastin renewal and more.

The range includes three industry-first devices, each designed for different skin concerns: The hero TriPollar STOP Vx Gold 2 for the ultimate lifting and firming effect for the face. TriPollar DESIRE, a ‘pure’ RF device for the face with a focus on skin tightening and TriPollar POSE Vx for noticeable firming, contouring and cellulite smoothing for the skin on the body.

Skin will feel warm from within. Pain-free, non-invasive. No downtime.

Yes. All TriPollar devices have been clinically-tested with immediately visible and long-lasting results.

Ensuring you marry up temperature and time as recommended will yield optimal results. Ensure all four electrodes are in contact with the skin at all times.

The TriPollar Preparation Gel is recommended to achieve optimal results, developed deliberately to be paired with TriPollar’s RF technology. We can’t promise the same level of results with other products. Ensure you patch test prior to use and remove and clean preparation gel off skin after use.

Remove all jewellery, skincare and makeup. Ensure the position you are placed in to do the treatment allows free movement around your face and body.

The aim is for the skin to reach a temperature of 40-42 °C and continue that for the indicated time on the tool.

TriPollar is currently sold in more than 100 countries worldwide, already loved by celebrities, makeup artists and influencers.

We are the official distributor for TriPollar Australia and so all devices sold through us come with an Australian plug so that you don't need any adaptors!

Our devices utilise professional-grade technology, and as a result, they require continuous power during use. They are not rechargeable and need to be plugged in while in operation.

Both devices incorporate Multi-RF technology which can be used on your face. However, the STOP Vx GOLD also combines DMA technology which allows you to use the device to target you neck and jawline too.

The device has a safety feature that reduces or shuts off if the temperature gets too high. It also features blinking LEDs and a beep to indicate when the device has reached it's optimal temperature during treatment.

To ensure optimal results and safety, we advise waiting at least three months after receiving treatments like botox or fillers before using RF. It is also recommended to avoid using RF directly over areas that have undergone such treatments.

Prior to use, we strongly recommend consulting with your doctor, as we cannot accept responsibility for any issues that may arise.

If any of the following relates to you, do not use TriPollar devices, or speak to your doctor before using:

- 18 years or younger
- If you have an internal electronic device like a pacemaker or defibrillator
- Have metal inside your body in the vicinity of the treatment
- Skin cancer or pre-malignant moles
- Cardiac conditions
- Pregnant or breastfeeding
- Immune system disorders or diseases or related medications
- Current skin conditions affecting areas of treatment
- Hearing / ear related conditions, disease or disorders
- Issues with abnormal wound healing, fragile skin or keloid scarring
- Current (or within three months) skin surgeries or resurfacing treatments that are still in the process of healing
- Permanent fillers in area of treatment
- Check temporary fillers with physician prior to using the TriPollar POSE
- Use of medications (herbal or otherwise), vitamins and / or supplements that affect skin causing sensitivities.
- Check with physician if any other aesthetic procedures have been done before trying this device.


Yes, there is a 1-year manufacturer warranty.

Shipping is free with all Tripollar device purchases. Accessory orders will be charged at a flat rate of $10 within Australia.

We are the official Australian distributor of TriPollar, which means all orders are sent via Australia Post or a courier service to ensure fast and safe delivery to your door. Most orders will ship out within a day of ordering (excluding weekends and public holidays) however some orders may take 24-48 hours to process. Your order will be shipped via Australia Post. Please allow 2-5 business days for delivery.

We accept the following payment methods: All major credit and debit cards including Visa, Mastercard and American Express

Please contact us as soon as possible if you wish to change or cancel your order. We will do our best to honour your request. However, if your package has already been dispatched, we will be unable to honour your request(s). You may contact us using the contact form located on our main menu.

We will provide you with tracking information when you receive your email confirmation.


  • Must follow instructions to avoid potential skin damage.
  • When hot, continuous movement on the skin is a must to avoid potential skin damage.
  • In rare and extreme cases, mild erythema and edema could appear, however should only last a few hours.

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