Smooth Cellulite & Tighten Skin

Enhance the results of your healthy diet, active lifestyle and anti-aging skin care with TriPollar’s age prevention device that aids in smoothing cellulite, lifting and firming skin and improving visible muscle tone on your body.


With the latest breakthrough in beauty – Radio Frequency. Thanks to the skin stimulating waves, you can now lift, firm, tone and tighten with TriPollar’s anti-aging skin device for the body.

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“I am using the Pose Vx now for 3 weeks and can honestly say I see and feel the first results, skin feels tighter, more plump, less creased. Absolutely amazed to see this so quickly, I was not expecting it. Easy to use device, highly recommend.”

– Britta F

TriPollar POSE Vx - TriPollar Stop Australia TriPollar POSE Vx - TriPollar Stop Australia
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TriPollar POSE Vx
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    Warms the dermis layer to the optimal temperature to stimulate collagen synthesis, naturally increasing collagen and elastin levels in skin to improve firmness, tone, and reduce wrinkles.


    Gently stimulates muscle fibres to increase their density, creating a more toned and lifted muscle appearance in the jawline for a more refined and youthful appearance.


    Before & After

    The proof is in the pictures when it comes to the positive impacts of TriPollar’s body-focused RF and DMA. Smoother skin, a reduction in cellulite, a more toned, lifted appearance: these customers included TriPollar technologies in their wellness routines and saw both immediate and long-lasting results, especially after 6-8 weeks of treatment.