Lift & Define Your Jawline

Also known as sagging jowls, a descending jawline occurs when skin laxity declines and causes the jawline area to droop and lose definition. However, there’s now an RF jawline contouring solution - an at-home fix in the TriPollar STOP Vx GOLD 2. This anti-ageing skin tightening device makes it possible to lift and define the jaw area from the comfort of your own home. That’s right – RF firming and contouring from the comfort of your couch.


With the latest breakthrough in beauty – Radio Frequency, combined with Dynamic Muscle Activation. Thanks to the skin stimulating waves, you can now lift, firm, tone and tighten with TriPollar’s hero RF firming and contouring device. Specifically, an RF device for jawline, you can double down and add to your routine along with your anti-ageing skin care for next-level results.

Check out this anti-ageing skin device below and shop the range here (including the DESIRE, POSE VX and the Preparation Gel) or contact us for further information.

“I can see a difference in my skin already. Can’t get enough of this! Only been using STOP Vx GOLD 2 for a few weeks and my rapidly ageing skin is thanking me for it.”

– Debrah V.

TriPollar STOP Vx GOLD 2 - TriPollar Stop Australia TriPollar STOP Vx GOLD 2 - TriPollar Stop Australia
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TriPollar STOP Vx GOLD 2
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    Warms the dermis layer to the optimal temperature to stimulate collagen synthesis, naturally increasing collagen and elastin levels in skin to improve firmness, tone, and reduce wrinkles.


    Gently stimulates muscle fibres to increase their density, creating a more toned and lifted muscle appearance in the jawline for a more refined and youthful appearance.


    Before & After

    A lifted, more defined jawline area is the skincare goal of many across the globe – for these customers, too. See how, after including TriPollar’s Multi-RF, RF and DMA technologies in their beauty ritual for a period of 6-8 weeks, they discovered the firmness and contoured appearance they were looking for.